How do you differ from a normal travel agent?

Truant Travel Design has full access to the same types of services as a general travel agent, such as travel insurance, rail, car hire, cruising, tours and flights.

However we are not a retailer of travel “products”. We are retained by our clients to source information, experiences and accommodations which are particularly suited to them and have a very proactive role in finding, advising and designing travel.

One of our key differences is that we are an entirely independent consultancy, which leaves us free to choose the elements of a trip which best suit you.

Do you charge fees?

We do charge fees for some of our services and a copy of our fee schedule is available on request. 

Do you offer deals and specials?

We always strive to obtain the best value for our clients however this does not necessarily equate to the cheapest deal. We find that we are better matched with clients who trust our judgement and understand that there is a value in both what we do and the end result. 

We have a large network of excellent contacts and relationships with hoteliers, high end properties and travel providers and whilst we have access to any special rates that may be offered, more importantly, we can add value in terms of extras, room upgrades and VIP treatment. 

What happens if we decide not to go ahead with a trip?

We appreciate that often circumstances beyond your control result in a trip either not proceeding, or being cancelled. Sometimes clients just want to have an idea of what’s possible and the likely cost.

We charge a small trip planning fee for the itinerary and information we provide, and if the trip doesn’t proceed for any reason, there is no further obligation until such time as a trip is booked.

Once the trip is booked, we do charge cancellation fees, as may any suppliers we use and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with any terms and conditions prior to booking.

Can I book the trip or part of the trip myself?

Our preference is to book our clients’ trips in their entirety to ensure quality and continuity in the travel services provided, and to limit the possibility of any mistakes arising out different parties arranging different services.

However we understand that sometimes trips need to be partially arranged by clients themselves, and we will try and work with you to ensure that everything flows smoothly.